Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I finally found my camera cord!!!! So now i have pictures and videos from all summer long. =)
For our most recent adventure Trevor and I drove out to LA for my birthday to visit all the California family. It was SOOOO much fun! I wish we were still there. Trevor had never been to Sea World so we made a trip down to San Diego to visit the water animals. We had a blast the whole time. There was a crazy seal there who kept barking at me! This is a clip of him.

I think the dolphins were Trevor's favorite. Then of course there's the beach,
And a big moment in history for my first time EVER on a ferris wheel. ;)
Halloween was fun. I woke up and trevor had decorated our front room. Our gerbils even pitched in and made me a banner.
And yes, they just sit there all day.
Then we opened present, andwork was nice and easy, and the we hung out at Tracy's house scaring little kids. Well, Trevor scared them while I sat as a beacon of hope on the porch with the candy. Seriously it was scary.
This is Trevor's jester costume and some of his props. (yeah this is just one area of the yard)
The on saturday we had dinner at cafe rio with our friends. It was fun.
So going in backwards order, we also went to yellowstone (also a first in samantha history) and we hiked Timp cave! Fun, Fun, Summer!
This is a baby bear doing Jazz's COWGIRL TRICK!!!! I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna pee my pants.
Sam:We spent most of the time checking out all the hot pots,
Trevor: yeah, smelling like farts
Sam: but we also saw lots of geysers (old faithful of course), hot springs, and animals. One bison came within 3 inches of our car when we were leaving one night. He was just cruising down the oncoming traffic lane. At least he was going the right direction.
Trevor doesn't like eating lunch with the bees at Timp cave. =)
Hiking up to the cave!!!!
And of course everything was amazing inside the cave.
So anyways i'm pretty sure this is EVERYTHING that's happened in a long time.