Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When it rains, it pours! 3 blog posts in 2 days ;) I have more current pictures of the salon de square in progress. That's not what it's called I'm just trying to be funny. Anyways... If you'll remember the gross fleshy peach color and the BYU blue that once colored the walls... they have now been replaced by "New Green", "Oyster", and "Mountain Elk" HAHAHA

We had to prime the walls first.
We ended up doing the blue wall like 4 times because the primer wouldn't stick.

Here's my favorite color, "Oyster"

Here's where my chair will be with paint!

Here's the sink area with paint plus the floor!!!!
The base boards are just leaned against it, not attached at this point.

And here's the other side with paint and floors.

So when you first walk in the wall facing you is lime green, the two side walls are off white, and the back wall is the green-brown. It looks really good so far and I think the wall will be less bright once I get all my furniture and decorations in there. The base boards have been put on now but it looks pretty much the same so I'll just take more pics when i get everything set up. Let me know if you like it! If you don't you can just smile and nod ;) And don't forget to check out the before pics. I may or may not have pushed that post onto another page with all the new posts and pictures.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I didn't realize I had to much to post till I uploaded my pictures off my camera. I've missed out on a lot! Well I didn't miss out, I enjoyed it, you just haven't heard about it! =D In a brief synopsis, Trevor and I had out 3rd year anniversary! We stayed up in Draper, went to the zoo, Joe's Crab Shack, the imax, and ate more pizza than you could imagine. I got a new ipod, which is the cutest thing on the planet! (more on that story in a bit) And we cut Trevor's dreads! Not off, just a trim ;)

Ok so ipod DRAMA! Trevor bought me a new ipod for our anniversary because mine's been getting old. So I got the 16 gig touch nano and it's about an inch big. Seriously. So I went to plug it into my computer and it says that I need the newest version of itunes to be compatible with my new pod. Now big deal, i though, I'll just download it. When trying to download itunes my computer says I need the newer version of software, Leopard, in order for it to work. So I talked to the guy at best buy and he said as long as I have an intel processor it should work. So I bought leopard. Upon trying to install Leopard my computer says I don't have enough RAM for this software. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So after much googling and txting friends and fam I figured out what RAM I needed. I wasn't sure if they'd have it at the store of if it'd have to order it. The store had one that was almost exactly what I looked up minus a few details in the wording but I was pretty sure it was the same one. So I took it home, installed it all by myself, with the help of and their picture guide ;). It WORKED! So then I installed Leopard, That worked too! The I downloaded itunes and updated every program ever! And now I have a a super savy computer and the cutest ipod on the block. PLUS! it's so small they make WATCH BANDS for it! SOOOO CUTE! I love it.
So now I rollerblade around town jamming to my tunes!

*on a side note at the exact same time my computer is having drama my old ipod started to go on the fritz! It will only play like half a song then it freezes! But the same day I discovered this my friend said he has a program to get songs from your ipod to your computer, which you can't normally do. So he's working on that for me. It's slow going since it keeps freezing. But once he gets me all those songs everything will be complete! sigh*

And here's Trevor's dread cut. I tried to cut them with my scissors but they wouldn't do it! Granted they need to be sharpened but I had to use the kitchen utility scissors that you cut chicken bone with. Ok so maybe those are the only other scissor I have, but still.

Here's the before

Plus the back
The pile of hair left on the floor
And after!
It's not a really great after pic but basically it's all as long as those front piece so it was quite a change in the back. We probably cut 5 inches off. It's just too hot for really long dreads this summer.


So I figure now's as good of a time as any to start putting pics up of my salon I'm working on here at the square. Sadly these won't be the exciting pictures so don't get you're hopes up too much! These are some of all the JUNK I had to clear out to even have a place to work.

Here's where my Styling chair will be.

Here's where the sink will be.
And here's the beautiful waiting area! =D

Plus a 360 view! and I had to stand on a couch to film this.

It's a work in progress but it'll be beautiful when it's done. Right now we're also working on painting and re-carpeting 50 apartments this summer so that takes priority over the salon right now. But we've sent out fliers announcing that we're opening it in August so I hope it's done before then!