Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For everyone who couldn't come to graduation now you can see the magic that happened. Or at least all the important parts with me in it ;) Thanks for everyone who's supported me in school and I hope to do everyone's hair real soon!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Here's just a little snip-it of the hair I did for graduation. More to come as the video gets edited. You'll have to forgive my stressed out face, I was really just winging it and was worried I would run out of time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh and as a ps to that last post. I also got a perm. And I held 80's day at my school. I went as a sort of Pat Benatar/ Joan Jett person, no neon for me. Not that's I'm against it, I just didn't have any.
Today I had the AMAZING experience of going to the Castle of Chaos, a haunted house in SLC, and interning with their make-up guy, Chris. He was awesome and I had a blast learning how to air-brush.
So for my first one we did a vampire. The pics are of me, but I got to do my friend. First you do cake foundation as a base. Then air brush on the purple.
Then you get to put the black on. It goes not completely over the purple but more like in the middle of it. Then you highlight with white and you're done. This is me and Sara.
Then I got to do a skull face all by myself! I forgot to get one when I was done though.
Meanwhile this is the work of some of the actual professionals.
This was just one layer of color. He did like 3.
Here's a finished one by that same guy.
And here's a latex mask Chris made. Sweet!
It was great and I'm really glad I went. I should be going back tomorrow and two times next week. Then hopefully I can use my knowledge for our spook alley here at the Square. And of course I could not resist going home and putting my teeth in from dad =D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I've hit 1700 hours out of my 2000 I need to finish school. Things are going by so fast! And I still have so much to do. The next two months are going to be nuts.
In October- I'm on Production Team and Take-Home Team which don't sound like a lot but it is. I'm taking an extensions class. I have a haunted house to plan, set up, and STAR in for work ;) And all the birthdays on top of that! Shout to daddy, ryan, emmy, Trevor's grandpa and sister and ME!
In November- I want to be in Phase 2, which is our mini salon. I have to take Final Phase, where we learn everything for state boards, I have to take State Boards (and pass), Be on the Be Nice (Or Else!) Team, and be in AZ for a fabulous week!
Then Dec 4th is my last day. That's it. So I hope I can find a job by then. I will most likely be staying in the Provo/Orem area. With a very slim chance of SLC. Not sure I even wanna drive that far. I guess on the plus side, if I do get another job I'll quit working nights. And it'll be fun to actually get to see Trevor for once.
Graduation is the 12th of December and I should probably start thinking about what I want to do for my model. Oh and there's most likely a photo shoot this month too that I so desperately want to do. Just need some inspiration. I can't decide between the creepy where it would still be good-looking and sort of fashionable or just going with regular creepy and giving a shot at prosthetic pieces and making a creepy zombie thing.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This last week I had off school for my "summer break". Trevor and I could not decide what to do but I really wanted to get away for a while. So last Saturday we decided to go to Vegas and we took off 48 hours later. =) Yay for spontaneity, and this time it actually all worked out. We stayed at the Luxor and it was awesome. Their rooms were really cheap for the week and with no gambling, drinking, and clubbing, most of the time we were just hanging out it the room so we got a nice one.

Trevor got to check off one of his biggest dreams on his bucket list when he went to Exotics Racing driving school and got to drive a lime green Lamborghini Galardo LP560! It was so cute watching trevor and all these old guys act like kids in a candy store with all their favorite cars around. We went to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where they have NASCAR, and got to drive around the road corse that sits inside the oval track for NASCAR. First they have you attend a short class, seriously only like 20 min, about how to race cars and go even faster on turns and then they let you loose! You get to ride with an instructor and they basically just tell you when to floor it and when to break. As Trevor got used to the track he said he was taking turns at around 80 MPH and hit 120 MPH on the straight away. And the instructor was still telling him to go faster. Crazy! Oh and on a side note, Trevor is too tall for a Lamborghini so he was the only one to not wear a helmet.

To make it even more interesting while you're racing around they let professional stunt driver, Romain Iannetta, who drove for Matt Damon in the Bourn Identity, speed around you, taking turns at 130 MPH in his corvette! This guy was big time. They had to literally keep fans on his tires in between laps to cool them down! They also said he goes through 3 sets of tires a day. So needless to say it was a fun experience for all.

That was our big event for the trip. The rest of the time we seriously just ate yummy food and slept. Our favorite restaurant from the trip was Tacos & Tequila in the Luxor. It wasn't as expensive as the other places and was totally delicious Mexican food. I can't vouch for the tequila but the lemonade was to die for! =) So it was a fun week and it was SOOOO nice just being away from work/home/Provo.
Trevor and his car

Coming out of the garageOn the track

Romain's corvette with floor fans and hood popped to cool down (wasn't joking)
My happy boy after his race!I also have the whole thing on video so i'll see if I can get some of that on here later.

Oh and then last night we went fishing at Utah lake and I caught my first fish that I can really remember. Mmmmm catfish for dinner!

And then for work a while ago we took the whole apartment complex to see Eclipse on opening night so I dressed up as Alice. Not bad? HAHAHA

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chemical Relaxer

This is Trevor with no more curls. We chemically relaxed it today at school and it looks great! It's REALLY long! One step closer to looking like Pearl Jam ;)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photo Shoot Trail Run

These are the pics from my trail run for the photo shoot I'm doing at school. We aren't changing much but it'll be a little different plus a background and a professional photographer taking the pic so i'll put the real one up when I get it. The actual photo shoot is this Tuesday (in two days) so wish me luck.


GOLD LEAF:THE WHOLE SHABANG:So basically the green eyelashes I bought will go on the bottom and some extra peacock feathers will be her lashes and extend all the way onto her face. And the gold foil will be a little less to not distract from the eye make-up and more up in her hairline. =)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trevor got me this cute little hair cutting necklace and i love it. I'm about 300 hours into school (out of 2000) so I guess I'm 15% of the way there! ;) I still love it and my teachers all say I'm a natural. Hopefully they're not just lying to make me feel good. We have a photo shoot this month that I'm participating in so that will be a first for me. I'm a little scared but it should turn out really well. It's amazing what they can photoshop right?!?! So hopefully that'll help me out a little. I'll be sure and put a copy of that on here too once we're done.
Trevor also got a new iphone for his birthday and he loves it to death. So he can actually answer calls and return txt now. His old ipod was dead too so 2 for 1! Basically things are going great here. <3