Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just realized I never posted the finish product from my first photoshoot. Sure it was like a year ago but hey, better late than never. And probably everyone's already seen it on my facebook but here it is anyways just in case you didn't. Plus it's just pretty. =D

Before Editing.....
AFTER editing...
it's amazing how real a dress can look that is really just fabric stapled and held together with a scrunchy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

After graduation I took a long Christmas break. One to make up for my lack of summer break during school, and two because working adults don't really get any breaks so I'd thought I'd enjoy it while I got the chance. It was a little hard to relax completely because I was pretty obsessed with finding a job asap. But I interviewed at 3 places. The first was a total dump and the second two I loved. But I choose the one here in Provo because it's closer, I have the potential to earn a higher percentage, and the guy who owns it was one of my teachers. So now I work at Gianni International Salon on Center St. I'm even on their website! You can find this cute face under "Our Staff" =D
So far work as been great. I've been there for about a month now and there have been a lot of staffing changes, but mostly for the better. I really enjoy the new crew we have right now. I'm not as busy as I would like to be but it's a great start. Since starting at the salon I have quit working nights at the office of Liberty Square, which has been great! Trevor also stopped locking up and doing walk arounds at night so we finally have nights to eat dinner and just relax. It's been a bit of a pay cut but totally worth it.
In my off days I usually clean a lot and watch some HGTV, but my schedule is going to get a lot busier because the guy who owns Liberty Square wants to put a salon in just for ME! He's been talking about it on and off since I started school but I didn't know how serious he was. Turns out he was REAL serious. So I've been spending the week looking up stuff online and planning out all the things I'll need. They're letting me design the whole thing. I plan on taking a BUNCH of before and after pics to put up for everyone to see. So I'm really excited to one: be busy! and two: get paid hourly (because the salon is an amenity so it's free to the residends and I just get paid like normal). Plus it'll be fun to be around the staff (mostly my fam) without having to deal with the angry parents. Everyone likes getting their hair done for free! =) So this will be on my days off from the other salon and I can't wait to get it all up and running. I unofficially got the budget approved today and we've started cleaning out the room where I'll be. Right now it's storage. You have no idea how much accumulates from throwing parties all the time and having to hold on to belongings left behind for 30 day. And of course it just gets forgotten down there. I will have pics and more info up as it develops. YAY!