Friday, October 24, 2008

Catch up to the summer

I know everyone (or at least CJ) has been asking for me to take picture of this summer so you could see what we've been up to. And I did, but I usually write on my blog at work, when i work the boring night shift, so I don't have pictures to put on. So I thought I would now! =)
Trevor and I driving chopper bikes around Oregon on our honeymoon. (Yes i'm wearing 2 jackets, it was cold)
THE OCEAN!!! huh, I don't know. (HAHAHAHAHAH emmy quote)

Early morning 4th of July, the hot air balloon race!
One of many cool old guys shooting fire into his hot air balloon.
Over the summer semester Liberty Square paid for all it's resident to go see Batman the Dark Knight, Trevor dressed up like Joker. I did his make-up =)
Trying on clothes for Seth and Jane's wedding!

This is the kind of dog I want. It's a puggle (pug+beagle)

also in black.
Trevor wants a Doberman. Or a Great Dane.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

As I'm sure you all know trevor and I also bought a hedgehog. And he also gave me ringworm. =P It's pretty much gone now though. School is started again and it's going pretty well. I'm definitely going to pass all my classes. Unfortunately though after this semester i'm offically out of classes to take and without a major. I've considered a couple different ones but i'm still totally stuck. But life's still good. We went to yellowstone right when school started and it was totally awesome. The last time I was there I was a fetus, so it was cool to actually get to see stuff this time ;) It's almost my birthday and Trevor and I are deciding what to do. We are very much considering a trip to Cali and I'm really excited about it! Trevor's never been there and I'd get to go hang with everyone. I'm going to be 21 so I hope you all feel old. haha. It's starting to get cold here. I wore my snow coat all weekend so Winter is coming. Alisha, my old roommate, is usually my snowboard buddy, but she broke her foot longboarding over summer and got serious sergery so i'm buddyless this winter. So if any one wants to move up here and ride with me that's totally cool. Alright well I love you all! See you at Thanksgiving! Which FYI we're coming down Monday-Sunday afternoon ;)