Friday, June 27, 2008

The pet situation has been resolved. We now own two little black gerbills, and they are SOOO cute. Their name's are che' and omar. Trevor spent spent a whole day down in his work shop building them ramps and houses for their cage. They love it. And the busy week of work is over so life is running smoothly. Tomorrow Trevor and I are going to Warped Tour! I'm so excited. And soon it'll be the 4th of July and I actually live in a place where fireworks aren't illegal. Basically things are going great.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our growing family

Right now Trevor and I are looking up animals we can sneak into our apt. We're not really supposed to have pets so we've decided to start with "small mammals", as the pet shop calls them. We had a pet rat, I know it sounds gross but he was really cute, unfortunately though he developed respiratory problems and died. It was pretty much the saddest thing I've ever seen. So now we're looking into hedgehogs and gerbils. I figure we can start there, then get a dog, then have kids. You know, work our way up the responsibility ladder.
So I quit my job at the dental office. It was just a little too stressful and a little too lame driving up to an hour to work. They have three offices so sometimes they'd want me to drive out to Saratoga Springs (about 45min away). So now I'm full time at Liberty Square. And even tho I make less I 'earn' more with how much I save on gas. One of the other office girls is leaving so I'm taking her spot. Also my friend, Erin, from work just had her baby today. She's really cute! I want to set her up with Finley. =)
This week is also checkouts for spring and move-ins for summer semester, which means work is going to be totally crazy. But I'll take it any day, at least the people are awesome! (They're all my in-laws). I just told Trevor if he could catch a raccoon he could keep it, he just ran out the door. I'd better go.