Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I finally found my camera cord!!!! So now i have pictures and videos from all summer long. =)
For our most recent adventure Trevor and I drove out to LA for my birthday to visit all the California family. It was SOOOO much fun! I wish we were still there. Trevor had never been to Sea World so we made a trip down to San Diego to visit the water animals. We had a blast the whole time. There was a crazy seal there who kept barking at me! This is a clip of him.

I think the dolphins were Trevor's favorite. Then of course there's the beach,
And a big moment in history for my first time EVER on a ferris wheel. ;)
Halloween was fun. I woke up and trevor had decorated our front room. Our gerbils even pitched in and made me a banner.
And yes, they just sit there all day.
Then we opened present, andwork was nice and easy, and the we hung out at Tracy's house scaring little kids. Well, Trevor scared them while I sat as a beacon of hope on the porch with the candy. Seriously it was scary.
This is Trevor's jester costume and some of his props. (yeah this is just one area of the yard)
The on saturday we had dinner at cafe rio with our friends. It was fun.
So going in backwards order, we also went to yellowstone (also a first in samantha history) and we hiked Timp cave! Fun, Fun, Summer!
This is a baby bear doing Jazz's COWGIRL TRICK!!!! I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna pee my pants.
Sam:We spent most of the time checking out all the hot pots,
Trevor: yeah, smelling like farts
Sam: but we also saw lots of geysers (old faithful of course), hot springs, and animals. One bison came within 3 inches of our car when we were leaving one night. He was just cruising down the oncoming traffic lane. At least he was going the right direction.
Trevor doesn't like eating lunch with the bees at Timp cave. =)
Hiking up to the cave!!!!
And of course everything was amazing inside the cave.
So anyways i'm pretty sure this is EVERYTHING that's happened in a long time.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Catch up to the summer

I know everyone (or at least CJ) has been asking for me to take picture of this summer so you could see what we've been up to. And I did, but I usually write on my blog at work, when i work the boring night shift, so I don't have pictures to put on. So I thought I would now! =)
Trevor and I driving chopper bikes around Oregon on our honeymoon. (Yes i'm wearing 2 jackets, it was cold)
THE OCEAN!!! huh, I don't know. (HAHAHAHAHAH emmy quote)

Early morning 4th of July, the hot air balloon race!
One of many cool old guys shooting fire into his hot air balloon.
Over the summer semester Liberty Square paid for all it's resident to go see Batman the Dark Knight, Trevor dressed up like Joker. I did his make-up =)
Trying on clothes for Seth and Jane's wedding!

This is the kind of dog I want. It's a puggle (pug+beagle)

also in black.
Trevor wants a Doberman. Or a Great Dane.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

As I'm sure you all know trevor and I also bought a hedgehog. And he also gave me ringworm. =P It's pretty much gone now though. School is started again and it's going pretty well. I'm definitely going to pass all my classes. Unfortunately though after this semester i'm offically out of classes to take and without a major. I've considered a couple different ones but i'm still totally stuck. But life's still good. We went to yellowstone right when school started and it was totally awesome. The last time I was there I was a fetus, so it was cool to actually get to see stuff this time ;) It's almost my birthday and Trevor and I are deciding what to do. We are very much considering a trip to Cali and I'm really excited about it! Trevor's never been there and I'd get to go hang with everyone. I'm going to be 21 so I hope you all feel old. haha. It's starting to get cold here. I wore my snow coat all weekend so Winter is coming. Alisha, my old roommate, is usually my snowboard buddy, but she broke her foot longboarding over summer and got serious sergery so i'm buddyless this winter. So if any one wants to move up here and ride with me that's totally cool. Alright well I love you all! See you at Thanksgiving! Which FYI we're coming down Monday-Sunday afternoon ;)

Friday, June 27, 2008

The pet situation has been resolved. We now own two little black gerbills, and they are SOOO cute. Their name's are che' and omar. Trevor spent spent a whole day down in his work shop building them ramps and houses for their cage. They love it. And the busy week of work is over so life is running smoothly. Tomorrow Trevor and I are going to Warped Tour! I'm so excited. And soon it'll be the 4th of July and I actually live in a place where fireworks aren't illegal. Basically things are going great.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our growing family

Right now Trevor and I are looking up animals we can sneak into our apt. We're not really supposed to have pets so we've decided to start with "small mammals", as the pet shop calls them. We had a pet rat, I know it sounds gross but he was really cute, unfortunately though he developed respiratory problems and died. It was pretty much the saddest thing I've ever seen. So now we're looking into hedgehogs and gerbils. I figure we can start there, then get a dog, then have kids. You know, work our way up the responsibility ladder.
So I quit my job at the dental office. It was just a little too stressful and a little too lame driving up to an hour to work. They have three offices so sometimes they'd want me to drive out to Saratoga Springs (about 45min away). So now I'm full time at Liberty Square. And even tho I make less I 'earn' more with how much I save on gas. One of the other office girls is leaving so I'm taking her spot. Also my friend, Erin, from work just had her baby today. She's really cute! I want to set her up with Finley. =)
This week is also checkouts for spring and move-ins for summer semester, which means work is going to be totally crazy. But I'll take it any day, at least the people are awesome! (They're all my in-laws). I just told Trevor if he could catch a raccoon he could keep it, he just ran out the door. I'd better go.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My first blog

Well Jane told me when I was engaged that I was going to have to start a blog since I was getting married. So I guess here it is! Trevor and I have now been married for 12 days and it's been amazing! Oregon was wonderful. It kind of rained a lot and it was pretty cold, but az was hot and utah was hot when we got back so the change was still nice. Both of our hotels were RIGHT on the beach. We pretty much walked around the beach everday. Every restaurent said they had the best clam chowder so we ate a lot of that too. First we stayed at Cannon beach. It's a super small town full of hippies and everyone had a dog. I felt left out we didn't bring one. It was just really relaxing there. We had bonfires on the beach, flew our kite Petey, (we named the kite since we didn't have a dog), and hung out in the hot tub. We both really needed a vacation so we really tried to relax. On the last day there we went to sea side. It's another small town but more touristy. It's where all the littler surfer and skater kids grow up. They had tons of little shops and Trevor got a ship on a botle. Which is now a centerpiece for our beach theme inspired front room. Night at sea side is crazy because tons and tons of thick fog rolled in and all the shops closed up early so the entire town looked like a deserted horror movie. It was actually really cool. I've never seen fog before but I liked it. We went to the beach after dinner and you could hear the water but couldn't see it until you were right next to it. It was trippy. I'll have tons of pictures once I get my camera back. I accidentally left my digital camera in AZ so i had to buy a disposable. Hopefully they still turn out alright.
So now we're back home and pretty much moved in. I LOVE having my own place. Everyday I try and make it a little more cute. It should be amazing once I'm done. We I've got to go be domestic and move my laundry over. haha But Just so everyone knows I am so happy right now and life as a new married girl is great! Loves!